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1. What size vehicle do I need to bring if I want to pick up a prefabricated cubby ?

The size of the vehicle depends on the model purchased but generally a flat tray type vehicle with removable sides is suitable. Box trailers are generally too small but a car carrying trailer is usually suitable. Please bring ropes to tie down your load.


2. What is the weight of a prefabricated cubby ?

The weight depends on the model, but between 250-350 kgs can be used as a guide.


 3. When do I have to stain or paint my cubby ?

All products make from timber must be stained or painted to ensure the good looks of the cubby and to reduce splitting and to seal the timber against weathering. We highly recommend staining or painting while the cubby is still in panel form and not assembled. It is easier to paint the pieces when flat on the ground.


4. How often do I have to re-stain or re-paint my cubby?

It is very difficult to answer this question as it depends on the weather conditions and if the cubby is in full or partial sun, but generally when the original painting or staining has begun to deteriorate or look dry. We Recommend Quality Cubby Cedar Coating Stain which is available from our store.


5. What is the most important factor when installing the cubby.

Read the instructions before you start and use the level to make sure the floor is level before you start to install the walls.


 6. Can my cubby be dismantled if we sell our house and want to take the cubby with us?

Yes. Your cubby has been installed from separate panels, usually seven major pieces screwed together. Floor, 4 walls, 2 roof sections and a front handrail section. Removing the two roof sections, unscrewing the 4 walls where they are joined to each other in the corners and unscrewing the walls from the floor will enable you to flat pack the cubby for easy transport. The panels are then easily transported to the new location and then reassembled.


Yes. all of our cubby's can be elevated to higher levels and the appropriate slide for the elevations can be easily added. You may have to dismantle the on ground model to add the elevation kit because the cubby on the ground will be too heavy to be lifted in its assembled form. The dismantle will take usually 1 hour and the elevation kit will be added under the floor and then the cubby can be re-built on top of the new elevation kit. The appropriate slide can be added to any opening around the veranda . Some handrails may need to be purchased to close of the veranda openings.


7. Can I sell my cubby when my children have outgrown it.

Because of our excellent reputation there is a good resale value for your cubby. You must maintain your cubby while your children are using it. Keep up the staining or painting and do regular maintenance checks. your resale value will depend on the condition of your cubby.

When you advertise your cubby always use our name in your description of the goods for sale. Purchasers of second hand cubby's recognise our quality and the ease of dismantle and they know that they will not have to dig it out of the ground to move it.
You will get a great price for you beloved cubby.


9. Can my cubby be locked to secure the furniture and toys inside.

Yes. The cubby is supplied with a simple latch as standard equipment and perspex windows. These are not secure and the cubby can be easily entered.

You can replace the perspex sliding windows with Quality Cubby Aluminium Windows which have perspex panels instead of glass. These windows have security latches and when closed can not be opened from the outside and with the addition of a barrel bolt and padlock you can secure the cubby from unwanted visitors giving security for your children's toys and belongings.


10. How long does it take to get a cubby made and delivered?

We usually supply within 2 working weeks except during the Christmas period when we are very very busy and orders need to be in well in advance Usually early November for Christmas. Please give us as much notice as possible to meet your required delivery date. ype vehicle with removable sides is suitable. Box trailers are generally too small but a car carrying trailer is usually suitable. Please bring ropes to tie down your load.